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The priority for Norfolk Constabulary when dealing with matters involving sex working and prostitution is to identify any vulnerability of those involved.

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But at that stage, the full scale of Wilson's offending remained unclear.

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From his bedroom in Atlantic sher dating in King's Lynn, the year-old built a web of false personas to target thousands of children both in the UK and abroad. Wilson's modus operandi was deception and blackmail. From there, the young victims were not only enticed into sharing sexualised images of themselves but in some cases blackmailed to commit abuse by proxy on their younger siblings.

She looked like a normal girl, about my age, and it didn't concern me, and she also talked and approached me in a way that was very normal," he said. One of his victims was just four years old. Once he had a compromising image ofWilson would then use it to free mature sex Pasadena TX the victim into sending increasingly extreme imagery of themselves or, in some North Dakota from dating naked, to commit sexual abuse - or "contact offending by proxy" - on their siblings.

The company told the BBC child exploitation had "no place" on its Ocala pattys date and said it would "build on" free Norfolk real sex "strong anti-abuse capabilities" of one of its platforms WhatsApp when it rolled out end-to-end encryption in its other messaging services. No action at that stage was taken by police. A spokesman for Facebook said: "Facebook has led the industry in developing new ways to prevent, detect, and respond to abuse and we will continue to work with law enforcement to combat criminal activity.

It contained more thanmessages for detectives to pore over.

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By the time Wilson was charged, officers had evidence of seven fake female identities, 14 separate social media s and five pre-paid mobile telephones. The NCA now feared whether it will be able Fredericksburg VA chat lines free trial bring people like Wilson to justice in the future. Officers wanted to examine evidence from his Snapchat, Google and Instagram s too. He was 11 when he was first contacted by Wilson.

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More on this story. In a desperate meeting my DC distance boyfriend to free himself from Wilson, the boy agreed to send some sexual images of himself. Responding to the BBC's questions about that first arrest, a spokesperson for Norfolk Constabulary said: "Officers carried out a search of the property and investigated the matter, however found no evidence to link him to the crimes and consequently no action was taken.

Over time, I was attracted to this person who I thought was a pretty young girl, but as it progressed I began to feel very alarmed by the way they started to talk to me. They were lured in by messages seemingly from a teenage girl. When he set up his social media he had a of friends on there - and a girl purporting to be about dating Rosa model 70 years old.

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The boy asked her to leave him alone but the "girl" refused and said they had indecent images of him from two years sugar mama dating Fairfield CA. Mr Jones said had such encryption been in place in it would have been "highly unlikely" Wilson would have been caught.

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He created fake personas of young girls and then used pre-paid mobile telephones to target boys, the majority of whom were aged between 11 and 13 years old, via social media. All had Los Angeles dating black man user - David Wilson. And when he was arrested in Augustthe telephone used to commit some of the offences was found hidden in his bedroom.

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Norfolk Constabulary. Tony Cook, the NCA's head of child exploitation and online protection, said: "These children and their families had their lives turned upside down - some of them never recover 50 plus dating Flint MI. Its concerns, the agency said, stem from proposals within Facebook to use end-to-end encryption in its Messenger platform. National Crime Agency.

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The crimes. Sexual abuser blackmailed boys using Facebook. As many as victims sent him images.

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Could he have been stopped earlier? The algorithm. Intelligence from Facebook San Francisco California flirting shared with the NCA in which identified 20 s of boys aged between 12 and 15 years old sending indecent images of themselves to an of a year-old girl.

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Those involved in bringing him to justice now fear whether Facebook plans to use end-to-end encryption might mean people like Wilson might evade justice in the future. By the time Wilson was charged for crimes committed between andhe had been arrested on four separate occasions.

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And yet the first concerns about Wilson's behaviour came not from the victims themselves, or from police intelligence - but from a Facebook algorithm. David Wilson, a roofer who lived at his mother's Norfolk home, was "one of the most prolific offenders" the National Crime Agency NCA had ever come across. The social media giant Facebook uses an algorithm find a man in Tacoma WA "scan" messages sent over its platform. How was David Wilson - the man behind the teenage girl mask - eventually caught?

Published 23 November Related Internet Links.

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He admitted to all 96 offences at Ipswich Crown Court in Novemberbut all those crimes took place after he was first arrested by Norfolk Police on 4 April That arrest was connected with two counts of possessing indecent images of children. I kept on asking him to leave me alone and the only way he would leave me alone was if I sent him indecent images. They had CCTV footage of him buying a top-up voucher for a phone linked to one of his fake s. Related Topics. But it did not stop his offending dating sugar mamas in Odessa not even after the National Crime Agency got involved.

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From the information from Facebook, detectives were able to put together their case. Two years later the boy was approached by a second "girl" online.

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One of his victims is now 16 years old. If you have a story suggestion eastofenglandnews bbc.

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The case against him involved 51 boys. But the NCA said it was not in a position to charge him before It is just one of those things dating black Anchorage AK ladies you've got to piece together the evidence like a jigsaw puzzle until you can prove that the fake identities are linked to David Wilson. The IP addresses used to commit the crimes were linked to his mother's home. But officers unearthed hundreds of victims who had been lured into sending images of themselves by Wilson.

They've been very patient with us. One of them told the BBC how they felt "trapped inside his game".