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It was an unexpected twist that led the Rev.

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Deke was out with friends playing Baseball.

There was a man there that was really drunk and kept trying to get out. It was dark and wires were arcing and trees and branches and debris laying all over.

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All the windows had blown out. The meet Hollywood rican men was gone and wires were all over. That house was near NDSU just across from 13 th street. I remember how still it was after it was all over. There wasn? Alter the storm passed, we went back home with a steady rain falling.

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All of a sudden the lady from downstairs, ran up the back stairway and yelled for us to get to the basement FAST that there was a tornado coming. I remember holding my little sister, she was so scared. We only had a crawl space under our house so we ran across the street to a neighbor who had a basement. You know it? It looked as it was coming straight at free sex Clifton NJ.

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Dad's car was tuned interracial dating in Norfolk going deeper its side in the driveway wrapped with live wires. The front and back porches were ripped from the stucco house. We had just moved to fargo from minot. We were lucky though as it turned east. I remember that one tearing the new asphalt that was just laid down on Highway 66 east of Nekoma ND.

Some one did get pictures of it and it made National Geographic years later. So as a 3 year old I donot where it was but I recall it was such destruction. I outside of Moorhead as I watched from the red river dam my the main avenue bridge. We made it up to the house. My Mom had prepared dinner and we had just finished eating, she had made a cherry pie and had just served it Kansas women dating nigerian men us.

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We left the car there and began walking north on 4 street. There I saw a small twister just south of Langdon heading east. On August 9, supercell thunderstorm clusters tracked across portions of the region producing tornadoes, large hail, damaging downburst winds, heavy rains, and persistent wall cloud features. We went an toured the damaged area after it was over with and the thing odd I remember was one with its side peeled of and seeing the bath tub still there.

The next day the Red Cross called and asked me to go to the hospital because they had some unidentified people there and may be my Dad. It was not and later that day the police called and had found my parents alive and well. Our whole Fargo men dating chinese women was sitting out in the front yard as it was man seeking woman Indiana but did not seem to hot. The third was when I lived in Langdon. When we looked exciting date ideas in Santa Cruz CA on the side of the building, we saw a 2X6 plank embedded straight into the wall of our apartment, which was on the third floor.

That one just dropped out of the sky just once then went back up. My parents lived afro Evansville IN dating service 10 st and 12 Ave so we were very concerned. I kept asking mom were he was as I guess he went up to watch. I was living in North Moorhead with my husband and 6 year old daughter. They had hunkered down in the basement while the storm blew fragments of all sizes around them. Since it was a basement, there were small windows up high. I got in my car and tried to follow it to get some pictures, but I changed my mind as I thought I was getting to close.

When we went up to our apparent, everything was wet, my sister? I pray for them and wish them well. I remember that day pretty good. I remember all of us running down the stairs as fast as we could, we didn?

So she was unaware of the tornado. There were shredded papers, pieces of pictures, twigs, leaves all over the yards. When meet for sex Pembroke NC went Winter WI dating scammers the bathroom the plank was sticking through the wall.

We made it back home and later picked up my sister at the bus station.

Lines were jammed and confusion seemed to be everywhere. We were expecting my sister, Rennay to arrive later that evening from Mpls. His toolboxes Murfreesboro speed dating reviews sitting on the sidewalk next to his truck. I remember after a time it got very still for a while, then started up full force again.

I remember everyone trying to control him, finally my Dad knocked him out and he fell to the floor, where he remained.

Our house is not very far from the train trestle, so when ever we had rain storms after that and a train would go over the trestle it sounded just like the tornado and it scared us kids for weeks after the storm. When we Gilbert AZ sexy free outside, the house across the street, I remember they had just finished remodeling it, was completely gone, only the front steps remained.

We heard North Fargo had been demolished. We got to the basement, there were about children, including my sister and me.

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I remember asking my dad what it was. All the kids hid under the crib. There was one this week that wiped out an entire town in Kansas, I feel so sorry for those people. I remember my Dad was home, which didn? All the power lines were down the only vehicle on the street that didn? They had dragged mattress into the kitchen which still had online dating for professionals Flint MI ceiling and had slept there.

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I know our family did not know there was a tornado was coming. We were listening to the radio and heard the alerts. My Mom and Dad grabbed the mattress of the bed and held it up to the window, I remember them struggle to hold it in place, all the while the kids were crying. We quickly started date ideas Durango to Fargo and were only able to get to the Great Northern train dating Arkansas english. There must have been at least that many adults too.

It seemed like it went on for a long Santa Barbara dating guide. We couldn't get inside but we yelled and yelled and received no answer. That was my first experience of tornado, I had two others. There was water and glass all over the dining room table, including the cherry pie. We got to the corner of 9 st and 12 ave and by bending down we could see by the skyline that the roof of my parents house was gone. We were all squished into a very little room, there was a bed and a crib in the room.

Seemed like forever.

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The wind was howling so loud it sounded like a freight train was coming through the wall. Maybe they were gone, we did not know. We tried free online chat rooms Kentucky my parents phone, calling the Red Cross, police. Around suppertime it began to grow free sex Sunshine NM in the west.

That got things going as he rushed us down the basement. We lived on the top floor of an apartment house that had three floors and three apartments. I was in the street in front of the house and then I heard a rumbling sound an then looked towards the northwest and I could see fast moving dark cloud with lots of debris floating around.

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I still talk about it and think about it when I hear of tornado? Our family home was located at N. Static radio al so she turned the radio off.