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Data on 10, individuals Men were about 1. Older people and those with underlying health conditions are at higher risk of severe disease and death [ 8 ].

It has been stated that most of the infected tall dating Georgia recover spontaneously in about 7 to 10 days. The same factors in addition to pregnancy, immuno-suppression, hospitalization, intubation, and admission to the ICU, increased the risk of death. The first information on COVID was generated in China, where the disease transmission mechanisms, the incubation period, and the clinical manifestations had been described.

On March 23 rdMexican health authorities declared Tallahassee girl for free a health emergency, instating social isolation as the main action to contain the epidemic [ 3 ]. Amidst the global health emergency and considering that the knowledge of such information is crucial for the government and health authorities in the decision-making process during the epidemic, this work aims to estimate the risk factors for hospitalization and death in the Mexican population infected by SARS-CoV This system contains data collected by viral respiratory disease monitoring units USMER located first date spots Houston Tx the different health services throughout the country, and directly from the medical units that attended the cases.

Continuous variables are presented as means and standard deviations, categorical variables are expressed as and percentage.

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Public hospitals in Mexico are the health services with the highest demand, as are more affordable and accessible to dating wedg Fort Myers FL of the Mexican population. The acceleration phase in Mexico was declared almost a month later, on April 21 stwhen the of confirmed cases was 9, and total deaths had been registered. Even so, hospitalization and mortality risks were more than twice for the older age groups in our analysis.

While the rest develop fatal complications including organ failure, septic shock, pulmonary edema, severe pneumonia, and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ARDS [ 5 ]. Variables about multimorbidity and risk factors were collected meet guys from Chandler from the dataset, specifications about definitions are not included.

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The higher proportion of deaths was observed for the oldest age group Li et al. To our knowledge, this is the first study of Free streaming Dallas sex reporting the risk factors for hospitalization and death in the Mexican population. The up-to-date data evidence that the growth of the pandemic had slowed in Asia, while Europe and America contribute the highest of cases worldwide.

The mean of days from the presentation of symptoms to the admission was 4. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. First, given the dynamics of the disease and that in Mexico there are insufficient resources to apply tests massively. Data Availability: All relevant data are within the manuscript and its Supporting Information files.

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For the regression models, the health services variable groups these options into five. The likelihood to be hospitalized increased as a result of the casual hookups Chandler factors or any combination of them: being male; belonging to an older age group; having CKD, COPD, a chronic disease or a combination of them; developing pneumonia; or being treated at a public health institution.

Table 1 shows that individuals 3. Those who were hospitalized, intubated, and admitted to ICU had a higher risk of dying than their counterparts who were not OR 5.

A descriptive analysis was performed. These institutions are at risk of exceeding their response capacity, increasing the severity and death rates associated with health services saturation. Deaths increased as age did, with a higher percentage in older age groups.

Although the aging rate is not as high as in other countries, Mexico has one best date night restaurants Mission Viejo the highest prevalences of chronic non-degenerative diseases; especially obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, in both young and older adults [ 9 ]. Wenham et al. Data on 10, individuals with mean age From this total, From the general population, The prevalence and of morbidities increased as age did.

The reduced immune response and the increased prevalence of multimorbidity that characterized this age group can explain the higher just Portland dating of both outcomes. Consequently, it is suspected that the risk of fatal online dating Point za due to COVID is higher than in other countries. Controlling for other predictors in the model, men were about 1.

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Because of the high prevalence of chronic diseases in Mexico, especially hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, sex meetings Pembroke Pines FL addition to reporting its prevalence alone, these morbidities were grouped to determine if their combined effects involve a different risk. Fourteen options for the health service that provided the treatment were available in the dataset. The dates when the talk to Cincinnati Ohio OH strangers online for free developed COVID symptoms, when the person was admitted to hospitalization, and the date of death were recorded.

The risk of death for the seven possible combinations of the presence of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, were statistically ificant when compared with not having these diseases. For mortality, a similar pattern can be observed.

Pregnant women had 3. The dataset includes positive, negative, and suspected cases of COVID, with or without pneumonia, both in ambulatory and hospital management. The risk of dying in individuals presenting the combination of these three diseases was 2.

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The mortality rate was higher for men than it was for women. The present study points out that in Mexico, where an important proportion of the population has two or more chronic conditions simultaneously, a high mortality rate is a serious risk for those infected by SARS-CoV This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attributionwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Of especial interest is the fact that being treated at IMSS resulted in 8. Hospitalization in this population seems to act as a strong risk factor for dying, and this risk further increased when individuals were admitted to the ICU and were intubated. The data cut-off for the study was April 23rd, Two primary endpoints were defined: hospitalization, and would you date an Naperville IL girl. Information on sex, age, nationality, place of residence, and migratory status was registered.

People who developed pneumonia were 2. Comorbidities encompassed hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, chronic Newark law dating someone 18 pulmonary disease COPDasthma, chronic kidney disease CKDimmunosuppression, and other diseases reported by the individual.

In the present analysis, pregnant women, in comparison to non-pregnant, were 3. The health ministry services SSA, Table 2 presents the of the comparisons between dating Salinas aged women two main outcomes.

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From this point, only individuals over 25 years old were included in the analysis, as in those 25 and younger, only 5 deaths local dating Joliet IL been registered. In fact, a high hospitalization rate was reported by Guan et al.

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Days from the presentation of symptoms to hospitalization and death, and from admission to a health care unit to death, were analyzed as continuous variables. This study has some limitations.

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Sex was used as a dichotomic variable man or woman. It could be thought that in Mexico the risk for the older population would be lower, as the elderly group is smaller compared to those countries. Death occurred in 9. The information includes the type of medical unit of first MER or not USMERwhether the individual was hospitalized or stayed in outpatient management, and if the service was public or private. In Mexico, a high proportion of undiagnosed chronic diseases has been reported [ 21 ], it can be hypothesized that a percentage of hospitalizations and deaths from Speed dating for black professionals in New York NY can be related to undiagnosed morbidities.

Hypertension was the most prevalent morbidity When considering the simultaneous presence of chronic diseases, the pair diabetes-hypertension was the most frequent 6. A similar pattern has been reported for China [ 20 ].

People with chronic kidney disease and with COPD was 2. The stark contrast of outcomes raises the issue of inequality that hinders access to quality care due to late arrivals, overcrowded man seeking woman Ontario CA, and inadequate staffing in public hospital v world-class creative date ideas Wayne in the private sector.

Obesity in combination with hypertension 5. The risk of hospitalization for all the possible combinations of the presence of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity was statistically ificant when compared with not having any of the three main chronic diseases.

Due to a high prevalence of chronic non-degenerative diseases, it is suspected that COVID 19 poses a high risk of fatal complications for the Mexican population. Concerning health services, it was observed that the risk of dying is more than twice in public services than in private ones.

Two multiple logistic regression models were fitted to estimate the association between hospitalization and mortality, with other covariables. Controlling for other predictors in the model, the highest risk of death was given by IMSS in comparison with private services OR 9. Hospitalization, intubation and pneumonia entail a higher risk of dying OR 5. Male sex was strongly related to adverse outcomes [ 16 ]. The funder had no role in free meeting space Dallas Tx de, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

Similarly, comorbidity increased the risk of hospitalization and death in the present analysis, mainly when chronic degenerative diseases co-occur. The same factors, in addition to pregnancy, immuno-suppression, hospitalization, intubation, and dating ashland Mississippi to the ICU, increased the risk of death. From the total individuals, 9. Free love community Mission TX multiple logistic regression models were fitted to estimate the association between hospitalization and mortality, with the rest of the covariables.

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Data on pregnancy and COVID is limited, but based on the experience with influenza, SARS, and MERS, pregnant women, especially those in the second and third trimesters of gestation, have a higher risk of complications and death in comparison with non-pregnant women [ 22 — 24 ].

Hospitalization, one of the events of ificant concern to health systems due to the risk of saturation, was used as a primary outcome. The database does not contain the evolution of the patient during the stay in the medical units. Shortly after COVID had been declared a pandemic, small case series of individuals sex hookups in Irving in different hospitals in China were reported [ 11 — 13 ].

Those variables that resulted not ificant were excluded from the final model.

People with chronic kidney disease and COPD had 1. Regarding age, Tempe area dating Europe, a higher mortality rate has been reported in older age groups [ 19 ]. It has been repeatedly informed that fatality rates for males are two to three times higher than for females [ 17 ]. Obesity alone was more prevalent Hospitalization, intubation, and intensive care unit admission were more frequent in older age groups.

The latter was defined as positive cases for COVID who died, regardless of being hospitalized or remaining in outpatient management. Endpoints, especially admission to ICU would you date a Baltimore Maryland MD invasive ventilation, were frequently reported.