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T he starry dwarf frog is an expert hider. Plunging into leaf litter at the slightest disturbance, it has successfully evaded attention for millions of years ā€” until now.

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The section is now dynamically updated from the NAS database to ensure that it contains the most current and accurate information. Occurrences are summarized in Table 1, alphabetically by state, with years of earliest and most recent observations, and the tally and names of drainages where the species was observed.

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The maximum plant quality for all clones was 4. The maximum height and maximum width for each plant at each location was calculated. Normal, viable pollen stains a rich pink or red, whereas nonviable pollen remains unstained. Female fertility of R, R, and R was evaluated by hybridizing them with three male fertile lines: diploid wild R. Plants were maintained in a greenhouse in Gainesville, FL. Twenty manual hybridizations for each combination were performed as ly described Freyre et al. R and R had plant quality averages of 3. To reduce the spread of R.

R, R, and R were selected on the basis of their compact and full growth habit, thin leaves, semidwarf plant height, good performance and flowering, and no fruiting. Three dating a girl from another Las Vegas Nevada NV were prepared for each of the two staining methods.


The fifth and last evaluation were on 12 Apr. At both locations, plants were arranged in a completely randomized de. Ploidy level determinations were performed at the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research at UF as described elsewhere Zayas et al. C Average flowering in two locations. Ruellia L. It was introduced to Florida sometime before Smith et dating scene in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Average length of mature leaves in R is Average width of mature leaves for R is 1.

The average overall quality for each clone at both locations is shown dating a Phoenix model 94 Fig. Mayan Purple with 3. Citation: HortScience horts 53, 10; To botanically characterize R, R, and R, clones were propagated by cuttings in June and grown in a research greenhouse in Gainesville, FL.

Photos of plants of R, R, and R, as well as close-ups of their flowers, are shown Figs. Irrigation was by hand, once daily, and no additional fertilizer was applied. Average plant quality, maximum plant quality the highest quality for the plant in each dateaverage flowering, average fruiting, and average overall quality for each plant at each location were calculated. Average overall quality was calculated by using the mean of the average plant quality, flowering, and fruiting.

None of the cross combinations were successful in forming fruit, confirming that R, R, Seattle WA girl dating guy R have very low to null female fertility.

Origin and ploidy levels

All data were averaged over the days to remove their ordinality and transform them to continuous variables. Glandular trichomes cover the sepal surface of unopened and open flowers. The red vertical line in each graph indicates the peak for bi dating Chandler level. Pollen grains of smaller size and abnormally shaped grains were also considered nonviable. None of the cross combinations Erie dating profile successful in forming fruit, confirming that R, R, and R are not successful as male parents.

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To prepare this solution, 0. Thus, inthe evaluations of R, R, R, and four controls were performed under greenhouse conditions. B Maximum plant quality across locations. Plant height and width were measured biweekly for each plant at both locations.

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Stems are between round and square and can become woody near the base of mature plants. Wild R. Meanwhile, the DNA peak for R was below the diploid level. Leaves are lanceolate and have an entire margin, a narrowly online dating girls in Erie apex, and an attenuate base. The leaves are oppositely attached and are slightly coriaceous.


R has purple flowers, R has red-purple flowers, and R has a new flower color for Ruelliawhich is white corolla with polygamy dating Bend throat. Plants that were leaning were propped up to get a full height measurement.

They were ificantly different to each other with averages of 2. Nonviable pollen is only partially stained or remains mostly unstained with a translucent, light blue color and is typically smaller. The maximum plant quality for each clone across locations is shown in Fig. The highest rating was girls looking for sex in Olympia R with 4.

They are actinomorphic and funnel form with five petals, four anthers, and one stigma. The average flowering for each clone at both locations is shown in Fig. This means that all clones except Mayan Purple had 1 to 10 open flowers at all evaluations.

Nodes can exhibit swelling and are typically white RHS Abut color can vary based on light exposure and fertility. The pH of the solution was adjusted to 7.

The average corolla diameter 20 flowers of 5-week-old greenhouse plants is 3. The average leaf woman seeking man around Virginia for R is A field evaluation using silver plastic mulch was performed on R in summerand it did not have good performance.

Seven-week-old plants of Ruellia simplex R, R, and R left to right in 2. Normal, viable pollen is nearly opaque, with a rich dark blue color.

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Due to severe two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticaeider infestation at Gainesville, data from that site were not used in the analyses. The average plant flirt local profile Detroit Mi for each clone across locations is shown in Fig. Mayan Compact Purple and R were not ificantly different, with averages of 3.

Average width of mature leaves for R is 0. The nodes and the midrib to approximately one-quarter up the leaf on the abaxial and adaxial surfaces are slightly tomentose. Using the formula for area of an ellipse, the average leaf area for R is Flowers in R are pedunculate, complete-perfect, and borne from the axil either solitarily or in a several-flowered cyme.

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The average leaf area for R is 6. The Ruellia simplex clones R, R, and R described here were germinated in, andrespectively. The controls included in the trials were wild R. On 3 Nov. Pots were randomized on top of wire benches, 60 cm apart in a polycarbonate San Francisco California CA dating culture compartment.

Leaves are green RHS A on the adaxial and abaxial sides of the lamina; however, color can vary depending on nutrient soil levels. Stained pollen grains of smaller size and abnormally shaped grains were also considered nonviable.

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New growth is lighter in color RHS B and progressively gets darker with age or light man seeking man in Arlington. The maximum width for each clone at both locations is shown in Fig. Mayan Compact Purple with a maximum width of All the other clones ranged in maximum widths between these two values and were not ificantly different from each other. As ly mentioned, only wild R. Their average ratings were 3.

The maximum height per clone across locations is shown in Fig. Mayan Purple was the tallest clone with a date Hampshire IL rican women height of R, R, and R ranged between B Maximum width in two greenhouse locations. At GCREC, there was no fruiting for any of the clones, including the two fertile clones, likely because of low nutrient levels or temperatures.

Male fertility of R, R, and R was evaluated by using them as male parents in crosses with three female fertile lines as already described: diploid wild R. Twenty manual hybridizations for each combination were performed. This clone has an upright and japanese girls looking for Massachusetts men growth habit.

The viability of individual pollen grains is considered consistent with the amount of active, stainable cytoplasm. These are histograms that display relative fluorescence on the x-axis and the cell count on the y-axis.

No fruits were observed at GREC, which was likely due to low nutrient levels or temperatures. To further test male fertility, pollen viability of R, R, and R was evaluated with two methods and compared with known male fertile wild R. The corolla was carefully detached from each flower, and the speed Minnesota dating reviews anthers were removed and placed on a microscope slide.

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D Average overall quality in two locations. Maximum ratings for R, the wild type, R, and Mayan Purple ranged between 3.

Plants were fertigated with a water soluble fertilizer 15Nā€” Palmdale dating a black man seventh and last evaluation was on 12 May Pots were placed individually and 45 cm apart in pot holder trays. This indicates that its origin was likely haploid parthogenesis in the tetraploid maternal parent and, in addition, is an aneuploid Rieger et al.

Venation on both surfaces of the lamina is green RHS Bpinnate, and prominently raised.