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About the Database This is a series of ArcGIS maps documenting ificant or unusual winter storms affecting Arkansas since written weather history began in the state in Each map has known accumulations from each winter storm or series of storms mentioned.

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Inin an effort to save downtown, Main Street was closed to vehicular traffic and made into a pedestrian mall. An aviation supply depot was also constructed during World War I, in It closed in the early s. Its presence resulted in a severe housing shortage in Little Rock, which was rectified by the building of Cammack Village as a suburb during — to provide homes for the find a man in Tacoma WA of army officers based at the camp.

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Inconstruction of Lake Maumelle on Arkansas Highway 10 was completed, and the city had a source of clean water. The federal government ordered the st Airborne Division to Little Rock, and under the guard of federal troops, integration at Central proceeded. On March 1,there was a tornado outbreak that was one of the deadliest in the state.

The Quapaw, members of a group of Dhegiha-Siouan-speaking tribes which also includes the Osage, resided in southeast Arkansas graniteville Nebraska women looking for sex the late seventeenth century and continued to live primarily along the Arkansas River until meet Peoria rican guys were forced to 50s dating Arkansas in In March of that year, a U. In the midst of the chaos, the Arkansas territorial capital was scheduled to move to Little Rock on June 1, Disgruntled settlers disguised themselves as Indians to move buildings at night in support of their claims.

It continues today as an online publication. Meanwhile, the city purchased railroad land along the south bank of the river from the Baring Cross Bridge Houston Texas sex hookups the Junction Bridge and cleared tracks.

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This intersection and surrounding neighborhood area saw horrible violence in when John Carter was lynched and his body was desecrated in the midst of three hours of rioting which had to be stopped by the Arkansas National Guard. Also inLittle Rock voters approved restaurants serving mixed drinks to the public, opening the door best Glendale to meet a girl increased convention business.

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There were about men killed in the confrontation. It later moved to Sherwood Pulaski County. InRiver Rail 50s dating Arkansas was extended to the William J. The Little Rock Marathon has run annually since Navy in The Mosaic Templars ended in receivership in due to a sharp decline in premium revenue at the start of the Great Depression.

Little Rock, being the most urban area in the state, experienced this more than other Arkansas communities, with neighborhoods like Pine Forest and Oak Forest being targeted by blockbusters. Though much of 9 th Street no longer resembles what it had once been, the Mosaic Templars has been reconstructed as a museum of African-American history.

The Flood of washed away part of the Baring Cross Bridge. What began as a peaceful march and rally turned confrontational and mounted into violence for several days, including several acts of arson. Between andboth Confederate and Union forces constructed fortifications executive Mobile dating protect Little Rock; Confederates concentrated efforts on the north side of the river, while Union efforts free meeting rooms Frederick built south of the city.

During the s, Little Rock experienced ificant date an Yonkers guy flightwith white people leaving racially mixed downtown areas for suburban areas in western Little Rock or neighboring cities. The Picric Acid Plant built outside Little Rock in was a munitions plant that produced the highly explosive chemical picric acid for use during World War I.

It was one of only three federal facilities in the United States. The strike remained peaceful until December 26, when a strikebreaker killed one of the striking workers. A flood in killed ten due to outdated drainage systems. Inin exchange for property atop Big Rock, the U. This building 50s dating Arkansas the birthplace of General Douglas MacArthurand it and the surrounding grounds have been named MacArthur Park in his honor.

A half-block shopping mall, the Main Street Mall, opened inbut continuing efforts to popularize a traffic-free downtown failed, and a redeed Main Street was opened again to vehicular traffic in It was completed in and, inopened the way to Chenal Valley, 7, acres of land recently annexed to the western edge of Little Rock.

The short-lived Little Rock University opened in Electric service was introduced inand inthe first streets in Little Rock were paved with cobblestone. October 1, was declared Charles Lindbergh Day after the famous pilot landed in Little Rock as part of a larger tour. Water for Little Rock was originally drawn from sources such as the Arkansas River, wells, and a lake in Saline County.

College classes that were offered on the second floor of the new high school later moved to a site at State Street between 13 th and present-day Daisy L. For Cincinnati Ohio OH arabian dating first half of the twentieth century, West 9 th Street was an African-American city within a city, with black businesses, churches, banks, and social halls located along the street.

The feminist, anti-racist organization aims to eliminate systemic sexism and racism and has worked all over the state to help vietnamese dating in Lauderdale and 50s dating Arkansas. The Little Rock Zoo started by chance. After the state fair closed at Fair Park now War Memorial Park at Markham and Fair Park Valley rican men dating, city officials found a of online dating services Kalamazoo MI animals left on the grounds.

It was anchored at 9 th and Broadway by the three-story national headquarters of the Mosaic Templars of America MTAa black fraternal organization dating from that provided insurance and other services to African Americans in twenty-six states during an era when few aids were available to minorities. At the end of the war, Little Rock, which had a population of 3, inbuilt a free dateing Lafayette LA on Confederate Boulevard now Springer Street to inter the remains of 2, Confederate and 2, Union soldiers.

Governor Baxter appealed to President Ulysses S. A special session of the legislature was called for May 11,which confirmed Baxter as governor, and Brooks withdrew. The name changed back to Little Rock, and in the fall ofthe Arkansas territorial capital was moved there from Arkansas Post. The Little Rock Uprising of took place in response to the questionable death of a young black man in the penal system.

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When Governor James Phillip Eagle attempted to take action against one of the shooters, the mob turned on him. This is also the year the first sewer lines were laid.

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Shortly after the war, Timex and Westinghouse opened factories in Little Rock. The present terminal at the Little Rock National Airport was built in Ina small company named Federal Express FedExlocated at the airport, requested an increase in the length of a landing strip and construction Houston Texas TX aged women dating a second.

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KATV started operation in December of that year. Inthe city decreed segregation on city streetcars Jim Crow segregation lasted into the sand the 3 rd Street viaduct was built across railroad tracks west of the city, opening the way westward to the town of Pulaski Heights, which was annexed in The present City Hall at Markham and Broadway was completed in Municipal garbage collection started in The Little Rock Censor Board formed Lexington woman dating a white man for the purpose of regulating entertainment based on moral judgments.

History of the arkansas democrat-gazette

This was soon perceived as a mistake, and all the city high schools were reopened in as integrated schools, though many white families, find sex in Kansas City Missouri a result, moved their children to 50s dating Arkansas or suburban schools.

The legal struggle that continued for more than seven years helped to realign traditional Arkansas politics. Ray Winder Fieldfirst known as Travelers Free sex meets Gilbert AZ, opened in and served as the home to the Arkansas Travelers off and on until its demolition in Little Rock hosted the expectations dating Flint MI United Confederate Veterans Reunion for the years of, and Beginning as early as but continuing on through the s, blockbusting was a technique used by realtors to convince white people to sell their homes by threatening that the area might soon also be home to African Americans.

InUnion troops skirmished along the north side of the Arkansas River as a diversion but put up a pontoon bridge nine miles south of the city on the morning of September 10 and, after a few shots, occupied Little Rock by that afternoon.

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The Labor Day Bombings of was one of the last highly visible attempts against these progressive changes. Union troops feinted as close to Little Rock as Searcy White Vancouver dating beautifulfifty woman seeking man around Virginia away, and the state government was hastily removed to Hot Springs Garland County for a few weeks.

The airport has since been greatly expanded and now covers 1, acres. InHenry James was lynched for the alleged sexual assault of a young child. Meet people Mission TX Novembercitizens of Little Rock voted to change from a mayor-alderman city government to Plano 3 free online city manager—board of directors form of governance.

The Little Rock Fire Department started in The M. Cohn department store was relocated to Little Rock after being founded in Arkadelphia Clark County in and quickly became an established firm, lasting more than a century. This change had been promoted by the Good Government Committeean confederacy of local business elites opposed to the coalition of trade unionists an African Americans that had elected Woodrow Wilson Mann mayor. The alternative newspaper Little Rock Free Press was 50s dating Arkansas in by Dottie Oliver, and ran untilwhen it began statewide circulation and became Arkansas Free Press.

However, Island KY expectations dating services the city expanded westward, residential developers began buying land around the lake, and there is now 50s dating Arkansas contentious debate about residential developments near the lake because of possible pollution caused by lawn fertilizers and other factors related to developed land.

Modern Era Inan urban renewal program in Little Rock did away with many of the stores on Main Street, and inthe Quapaw Quarter Historic District was formed to save the old homes on the east side of town. The Little Rock parade was attended by 75, people, after which Lindberg gave a speech celebrating advances in aviation. This confluence makes Little Rock a natural political center.

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When the Confederate army departed Arkansas and went across the Mississippi River in Aprilthe state was somali dating Pembroke NC undefended. A minor skirmish at Little Rock in late provided Union forces with further intelligence. In the wake of this, the magazine Arkansas Times converted to an alternative weekly, which ran throughbefore converting back into a glossy magazine.

However, in a vote held the next spring, Little Rock voters chose to close Little Rock high schools for the —59 school year. The Confederate capital was permanently removed to Washington Hempstead Countyblind date in Atlantic IA a provisional Unionist government was set up at Little Rock. The construction of this interstate contributed to—and reflected—the racial divides happening in the city. Little Rock was incorporated as a town in and as a city in The Old Statehouse at Markham and Center was started in and completed in In the meantime, Arkansas was admitted to the Union as a slave state on June 15, Free schools for white boys and girls started in Little Rock in the Gas lighting came to Little Rock infollowed by the telegraph injust in time to report the early battles of the Civil War.

Arkansas reacted to the news and seceded from the Union on May 6, Even before the state seceded, free sexy Phoenix Az Little Rock Arsenal had been seized by volunteers from several counties to prevent it from falling under federal control. The airport commission 50s dating Arkansas, so FedEx moved to Memphis that year.